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Awarded TOP Elementary PTA of Seminole County 2006-2007

Welcome back to Layer Elementary for the 2013-2014 school year! 

Join us for our first 2013-2014 General Meeting

Thursday Oct.3rd 5:30pm

Our meeting will include:

Special Safety Patrol Induction 

followed by pizza & a movie


In the meanwhile 

1) Join PTA!

2) Become a DIVIDEND

3) Buy a Layer Spirit Shirt 

This year there are TWO designs to choose from: 

1)The student art contest winner or

2) A Layer Lynx Pride Shirt

See below for last year's shirt


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The Layer PTA is a very active and dedicated group of both parents and staff who are committed to enhance the Layer experience for all students, families, teachers and staff.  We have a fantastic school and we partner with our school administration to achieve our goals.  We work diligently the entire year to ensure we bring value to our school, our students and our families.  We bring in diverse programs for our students during the daytime and also work hard to present meaningful family programs in the evening.  Our fundraisers are focused on raising money to purchase special items for the school that our students can benefit from.  We are also advocates for all children.

Parent and family involvement is one of the most important jobs that we may ever have so we encourage you to get involved.  Come see what the PTA is doing, participate in our events, and help us in our planning.  We welcome you! 

As an award-winning PTA we will continue to strive to be the best.  Thank you for your support, encouragement and most of all, your participation.

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